Old Bridge New Jersey Donut Shop

Old Bridge, New Jersey Donut Shop

Old Bridge, New Jersey is home to many gems, and leading the pack in the culinary scene is Doughlicious Bagels and Donuts. As the name suggests, our mastery in baking isn’t just limited to bagels. Our donuts have become a town favorite, making locals and visitors alike come back for more, time and time again.

Why Our Donuts?

While every donut at Doughlicious promises a bite of heaven, let’s delve deep into three of our most cherished creations that have the town buzzing:

  1. Cannoli Donut: A fusion that’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Imagine the crispy, sweet perfection of a cannoli, then think of it enveloped in the soft, melt-in-your-mouth embrace of a donut. Yes, it’s as delightful as it sounds. Our Cannoli Donut is generously filled with rich and creamy ricotta cheese, dotted with chocolate chips, and dusted with a hint of powdered sugar. It’s Old Bridge’s very own slice of Italy.
  2. Strawberry Shortcake Donut: Summer in a donut— that’s our Strawberry Shortcake Donut for you. A fluffy donut base, filled with light whipped cream and adorned with succulent strawberries, it’s a treat that evokes memories of picnics, sunshine, and laughter. Each bite is a harmonious blend of the classic flavors of a strawberry shortcake, bringing nostalgia and indulgence together.
  3. Banana Pudding Donut: For those who love the creamy, comforting notes of a classic banana pudding, this donut is a dream come true. It beautifully captures the essence of banana pudding, complete with a velvety filling and topped with a slice of fresh banana. It’s comfort, sweetness, and a dash of whimsy, all rolled into one.

Visit Us in Old Bridge, NJ!

Situated in the heart of Old Bridge, NJ, Doughlicious Bagels and Donuts isn’t just a bakery—it’s an experience. Whether you’re starting your morning with us or grabbing a mid-day treat, we promise a flavor explosion that’s both comforting and exciting.

To our regulars, thank you for your continued love. And for those yet to try our delicacies, we extend a warm invitation. Let’s make every day a little more ‘doughlicious’ together!

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